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  • Act Boss Raid / Instant Dungeon

    For each `Act`, story-based quests revolve around the powerful boss monster.
    Raid system connected to the boss monster also takes place each act.
    Eliminate the boss with trusted comrades, and acquire materials for some serious equipment.

  • Instant Dungeon

    Numerous instant dungeons are located across huge fields in Mad World.
    Try completing dungeons full of clever traps and odd monsters.
    You may discover something that may aid your journey.

  • Field Boss / Elite

    Evil and powerful beings that bring despair and fear into this world.
    When you encounter their threats in the long journey, try taking them head on instead of avoiding, and reap rare item drops.

  • Ancient Boss

    Due to influence of solar eclipse that occurs sporadically, ancient boss descends to Mad World. Ancient boss can only be defeated through tight coordination between many players. The reward`s quality is befitting of boss’ difficulty, so please eliminate ancient boss and save the world.

  • Crafting Best Equipment in Legendary/ Ancient Class

    Equipment crafting that makes unique item even more powerful.
    Once you craft unique items in legendary and ancient class,
    your character`s abilities shall be a cut above others.

  • Adventure Chronicle

    Monsters you encountered in perilous journey,
    your character ties ranging from townsfolk to evil-doers,
    precious equipment to protect yourself,
    and knowledge, wisdom you gained in your struggle for survival...
    All aspects your senses experienced are conveniently packaged into one book.
    That is adventure chronicle which belongs to only you, and it will get thicker as journey goes on.

  • Companion Pet Growth

    You can secure egg from stable keeper, and your future pet will hatch out of this egg.
    Upon hatching, pet`s feature and color are decided.
    It shall become a reliable partner upon full growth,
    but your love and care are required during its early development.

  • Pet Joining Combat

    When your pet fully grows, you can mount one to sprint the field.
    Try forming a bond with your pet as it will be a reliable ally in Mad World fraught with danger in every corner.

  • Mining / Collecting

    As you roam the sprawling fields in Mad World, you are bound to discover a variety of minerals and collectibles.
    Mining minerals for equipment crafting and enhancement,
    and securing precious food through collecting may seem trivial at first, but it`s a must for your survival.

  • Cooking recipe

    The world may be bleak, but its inhabitants cannot give up the joy of eating.
    There are various special dishes across Mad World, but discovering their recipes is up to the player. Try mastering your specialty dish that provides unique effects.

  • Mob (party system)

    As long as reliable mob stands by your side, you have nothing to fear.
    Try forming a mob and explore Mad World as a group.
    As your mob assigns roles and meets certain conditions, several buffs will be applied to the mob members.

  • Mob quick matching

    Through quick matching, you can easily recruit members who share a common goal to form the mob. When recruiting is finished, the group is teleported instantly to the targeted instance dungeon.

  • Black Market System

    Player can freely trade with other users using crystal.
    Rare item/equipment drops could be easily acquired through the black market.
    The black market is always open to aid someone who may find the journey weary or tough.