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Equipment item

  • Item Class

    Each equipment has class assigned to it, and Lev up stats and growth potential differ between these classes.

  • Unique Items

    Unique item crafting system that displays the boss`s features.
    Once dungeon boss monster is eradicated, you may take advantage of the monster`s features.

  • Abyss Items

    Abyss items are not only reminiscent of monster`s outlook, but they come with special options. Harness abyssal force within wicked equipment to slaughter demons.

  • Equipment Enhancement

    Your equipment grows more powerful with enhancement.
    The materials required for enhancement change depending on types of equipment and current enhancement level.
    If you somehow succeed at reaching max 19 Lev enhancement, nothing stands in your way.

  • Randomized Property Transformation System

    You can change item property that will be randomly applied to equipment.
    Through property transformation system, try forging equipment suited to your preferences.

  • Amplifying Stone

    Amplifying stone can be inserted to equipment to adjust additional stats for equipment to your liking.
    The special stone provides lots of options, so they are essential for customizing one-of-a-kind equipment.
    It can be inserted to equipment with empty socket,
    and its kind differs depending on the type of equipment: armor/weapon/accessory.