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World Lore/Art/Scenario

  • Unfolding Narrative in the World Filled with Despair

    After the downfall of mankind, humans cling to hope in the demon-led world full of despair. Through quests that reveal a profound story, player can experience the new world designed for Mad World MMORPG.

  • Unique Art Concept

    Grim fairytale pops to life on the background as detailed as hand-drawing. Odd yet fascinating characters populate this backdrop. Explore 2D art`s pinnacle in Mad World where extraordinary characters, monsters, and lore take shape.

  • Scenario: Finding a Silver Lining in Despair

    The established civilization has gone extinct, and humans are exposed to despair, fear, wrath, and madness. Experience the scenario that is bleak yet hints hope, experience all walks of life belonging to the characters struggling to survive Mad World.