FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)​

  • Upon login, I get message `In maintenance`, although the game is not currently under maintenance.​

    Try accessing the game again through incognito mode on your browser (Chrome).
    Check if there are activated options such as proxy restriction for the browser in use, and turn it off.​

  • What platform will be released on?​

    Since is a game developed in HTML5, you can play it with one click without downloading on most platforms that can be accessed through a `web browser`. Therefore, we aim to release it on all platforms such as PC, smartphone, and tablet. (Mobile devices are not supported at this stage of testing.)​

  • Can I play without downloading the client?​

    Yes, you can. The feature of HTML5 games is immediate access with just a link, and client is not needed at all. It`s basically playing on a website. As long as you have internet connection, you can play right away.​

  • What is cross-platform?​

    Cross-platform means that you can play simultaneously with users who are playing on other platforms. In other words, while you are playing on desktop PC, you could play with a friend who is playing the game on a smartphone.​

  • What kind of game content does Mad World have?​

    Various MMORPG contents including but not limited to: adventure, main/sub quests, giant boss co-op raid, instance dungeons, item farming, enhancement, crafting, mountable pet, collectible, encyclopedia, cooking, gathering, PVP, trading will be provided. We are also prepared to add something new to the table.​

  • Is it an open world game?​

    is played on multiple maps. It is not a traditional open world in a sense that maps are not seamlessly connected, but because the sizes of played maps are huge, it feels like your character is in one huge interconnected world.​

  • What does classless weapon-based skill mean?​

    In , when you create a character for the first time, you do not choose a class, but gender. Depending on the weapon you are equipped with, the skills you can use will vary. In other words, if you are wearing a sword, you can use sword skills, and if you switch to a bow, you can use bow skills on the fly. Weapons can be changed at any time as long as you have them.​​

  • What is the release schedule?​

    We aim for a release in the summer of 2022.​​