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Class/Character Growth

  • Dynamic Combat

    Combat system allows `movement while attacking`, which makes the combat more visceral and active on player`s end. Target lock-on feature makes taking action easier.

  • Class Switch on the Fly

    Rigid class system is done away with weapon switching.
    Player can freely switch between 6 weapon types such as sword, bow, and staff to discover a combat style to one`s liking.
    Strategic action and various skills are opened up with single weapon swap.

  • Leveling Up

    LEV UP is done through experience accumulation.
    However, the style in which to earn EXP is up to the player`s choice.

  • Stats

    Upon leveling up, you can directly invest the distributed growth points into the stat you want. Stats can be changed to fit your preferences, not the other way around.

  • Potential Mastery

    Potential system that allows your character to lead path you want.
    Character is enhanced and transformed through potential mastery.
    Based on primary weapon, you can design by yourself which potential direction should your character take.

  • Skill Mastery

    By visiting red pillars found across the world, player faces a harsh trial experienced within the character`s inner mind. Once the trial is overcome, player earn red crystals which are used to freely learn skills one may want.
    Mad World`s unique design extends to every facet of skill-up process as well.

  • Growth Point Reset

    Player can easily reset the points invested into stats.
    `Maximize joy of characterization freedom, while minimizing consequence of failure.`
    Through growth point reset, try testing numerous builds and grow your character accordingly without drawbacks.